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  title={Athletic Mobile Manipulator System for Robotic Wheelchair Tennis},
  author={Zulfiqar Zaidi and Daniel Martin and Nathaniel Belles and Viacheslav Zakharov and Arjun Krishna and Kin Man Lee and Peter Wagstaff and Sumedh Naik and Matthew Sklar and Sugju Choi and Yoshiki Kakehi and Ruturaj Patil and Divya Mallemadugula and Florian Pesce and Peter Wilson and Wendell Hom and Matan Diamond and Bryan Zhao and Nina Moorman and Rohan R. Paleja and Letian Chen and Esmaeil Seraj and Matthew Craig Gombolay},


Special thanks to Byers Tennis Complex at Georgia Institute of Technology for allowing us to use their indoor tennis courts for testing and demos.

Special thanks also goes to Pannag Sanketi at Google for helping in providing funding for the project.

The Team

  • Zulfiqar Zaidi
  • Daniel Martin
  • Nathaniel Belles
  • Viacheslav Zakharov
  • Arjun Krishna
  • Kin Man Lee
  • Peter Wagstaff
  • Sumedh Naik
  • Matthew Sklar
  • Sugju Choi
  • Yoshiki Kakehi
  • Ruturaj Patil
  • Divya Mallemadugula
  • Florian Pesce
  • Peter Wilson
  • Wendell Hom
  • Matan Diamond
  • Bryan Zhao
  • Nina Moorman
  • Rohan Paleja
  • Letian Chen
  • Esmaeil Seraj
  • Matthew Gombolay